Nunus alternative plattform for austrian commerce and services in times of corona

What is it about?

Imagine we all are in a crisis and nobody is ordering stuff from Amazon or another international corporation – instead, we all decide to buy at local companies. Amazon and Co. hardly pay any taxes in Austria and therefore do not finance a single hospitalbed or a single ventilator. Apart from the tax money that gets lost for Austria a lot of local businesses are on the edge of breaking down.

Let´s focus on helping local businesses in these hard times of crisis!

Let´s keep the money in Austria! #solidarity

I therefore provide my website for all the small Austrian businesses that are currently trembling for existence. The businesses have to offer information on their website on how they can provide their goods in times of corona-lockdown.

It's that easy!

Sign up here with your local business, if

  • You can provide your products in a contact-free manner, e.g. via onlineshop or delivery service
  • You can offer your services in a contact-free manner, remote via skype or zoom. Services that require direct customer contact (wedding photographer, masseurs/masseuses, ..) will not be placed on this website, sorry!

We ask you to put a note for your customers on your own websiite on how you are able to stay in service.  


Add your company

Feel free to  recommend our website to others. But in order to avoid redundancies we ask you just to sign up your own business.

Please consider that the people behind this website are working unsalaried to check all of your businesses before we put them online. There might be delays, but we work as fast as we can.

Ps: Ordering stuff on Amazon that you can only get there does not make you a bad person. But please consider first if the product you are searching for can be bought at a local business as well. J Plus: Right now is a very good time to reconsider all of you shopping behavior and maybe reduce it a little bit. But it is also a very good time to show solidarity with austrian businesses :)

Vouches can be placed on this website,

Any kinds of psychological consulting on this website.

Thank you for your solidarity, stay safe, stay inside!

If you have any questions, please email them to us!

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I am very surprised by the succes of this website – it started as a small project that I managed on my own, but became huge within a few days. By now there are a lot of volunteers working on it everyday, especially our programmer. I want to give back to them, but I don´t have the money for it. Every donation is more than welcome and will support the people behind this website. Thank you.

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